Chestnut Hill / Brookline MA Furniture Repair, Refinishing & Restoration

Entering Chestnut Hill, MA

Entering Chestnut Hill, MA - (Brookline, MA)

This chest was severely damaged in a fire.


Complete restoration as if the fire never happened!


This chest was severely damaged in a fire.


Museum-Quality Furniture Repair, Refinishing & Restoration for Antiques and Fine Furniture in Chestnut Hill / Brookline MA and Greater Boston

LeFort Restorations provides a complete line of furniture repair, refinishing and restoration services for both residential and commercial customers in Chestnut Hill MA / Brookline MA. We provide written estimates, pickup & delivery options, repairs, refinishing, and a full range of restoration services, all featuring truly outstanding workmanship.

We have a full team of Artisans who collectively have over 100 years of experience working on fine furniture and antiques. One of our Artisans will be carefully examine each piece you entrust to us, and a formal restoration plan can be prepared exclusively for you with a range of options consistent with your expectations for the piece. We then discuss the plan with you, explaining the different options so you can select the most appropriate course of action for your piece and budget. Once we all agree on the plan and the price, our artisans set to work restoring your piece.

Chestnut Hill MA / Brookline MA Furniture Repair & Refinishing Services

Chestnut Hill MA / Brookline MA Furniture Repair

Chestnut Hill MA / Brookline MA Furniture Restoration

We repair all types of wooden furniture in Chestnut Hill MA, for both commercial and residential customers, including tables, chairs, cupboards, beds, desks, highboys, lowboys and chests.